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S&W Soul King Records


1.    Guiding Principle:
a.     Each to their ability; each to their need.

2.    Each member is responsible for their own equipment needed for performances and Rehearsals.

3.    We will establish and maintain regular rehearsals

4.    We shall know the key of every song that we play.

5.    We shall run beatzMASSIvE* as a social enterprise business. To this End, we will:

·      Manage a multitask team project in an electronic environment.

·      Evaluate effective growth strategies.

·      Analyze the ways in which beatzMASSIVE can explore business opportunities in domestic and international markets.

·      Use cultural differences to affect international business practices and success.

·      Use technology, including information and communication technology for international business.

·      Study and Understand and the effects and challenges of marketing internationally, and use this information to grow.

·      Interpret the effects of new information technologies on our marketing strategies.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Meet our anonymous urban hero as he wanders the streets alone. When he happens upon a nightclub, innocence is overcome by curiosity as he finds himself experimenting with the elements of life. Rapture and ecstasy soon give way to delusional paranoia: has he become the unwitting subject of a government-operated pharmaceutical trial? Where does the dream end and the reality begin?

(limited quantities)



©2004 beatzMASSIVE* For Promotional Use Only.


"I saw beatzMASSIVE* at the Reverb last Wed. night and I thought you guys were amazing! I can truly say that I have never heard anything like that before! Your music is very unique and you guys have an awesome vibe... I would really like to know where I can hear you guys again soon?"

Spring Fling
With Guests: Erika Werry, Moe Funk, Cam deLaat and Others.
Thursday March 24, 2005
Back room at the Cameron House
408 Queen Street West, Toronto

beatzMASSIVE* Pre- New Year's Bash
with Guests: Run With The Kittens, Erika Werry, Doc Pickles, Jimmy Dowling, Ryan Chalmers, DJ's Mike L., O.S.U.M.
Hosted by the Wack MC's
Visuals by Papadoc
Thursday December 30, 2004
The Reverb, 651 Queen Street West

beatzMASSIVE* SHOWCASE with Jimmy Dowling, Erika Werry, Cam DeLaat and DJ's Gazza & MoeFunk
November 26, 2004
Holy Joe's, 651 Queen Street West, Toronto

beatzMASSIVE* presents: The Salon Pororoca
The Blue Moon, 725 Queen Street East Toronto
November 4th, 18th and 25th 2004

331 Bartlett Avenue North
October 30th, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* with Directions
October 11, 2004

deejayscootz with Jimmy Dowling/ Erika Werry/ Cam deLaat
Holy Joe's 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
October 1, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* with All I See Is Red
Big Media Factory
Sept 10, 2004

Wild Wicca
beatzMASSIVE* with Rosita Stone
The Reverb 651 Queen Street West
August 18, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* Canada Day Extravaganza @ the Rivoli
with Canary Mine, High Water Mark and the Changes
The Rivoli, 334 Queen Street West, Toronto
July 1, 2004

Neil's Coffee Shop, a beatzMASSIVE* Showcase
Nick Porter
With guests: Marcellus and Traci Bulger & Ursula Campbell, Cameron deLaat, Peter Rainbird, Jimmy Dowling, John Rowley, Redchair Project, Francois (the voice), Leona Sweet
Back room at the Cameron House
408 Queen Street West, Toronto
March 22, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* DVD release and Showcase
The Rivoli, 334 Queen Street West, Toronto
February 5, 2004

with Kim Jarrett
The Rivoli, 334 Queen Street West, Toronto
February 4, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* presents a video debut
The Spies of Life
Holy Joe's/Reverb 651 Queen Street West
January 28, 2004

beatzMASSIVE* Showcase
The Canary Mind, Redchair Project, Open Jam Band
Rivoli 334 Queen Street West, Toronto
December 30, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* Music Showcase
featuring: Sheldon Benjamin (dj), John Rowley (solo acoustic),
Ride 45 (rock), Tradewinds (Experiments in Modern Bossa), Canary Mine (hip-hop Country), Klaxonnez (experimental jazz), scootz and poppa doc (dj and visuals).
Back room at the Cameron House
408 Queen Street West, Toronto
Dececember 15, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* Presents: MP3 of MAYHEM: a multimedia rock opera in down-tempo drum and bass; in concert with Threat from Outer Space (via Edmonton) and Camarillo.
Reverb/Big Bop, 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
October 7, 2003 at 9 p.m.

heatzMASSIVE DJ Showcase
Holy Joes, 651 Queen Street West Toronto
Thursday August 21, 2003

deejay scootz presents: beatzMASSIVE* DJ Showcase
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
July 24, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* Showcase
Oasis Bar 780 Queen Street East, Toronto
July 3, 2003

deejay scootz presents: beatzMASSIVE* DJ Showcase
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
June 26, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* presents: Rule Jappania!
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
May 29th, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* Showcase
Oasis Bar 780 Queen Street East, Toronto
May 22, 2003

Mankitsu: AbeatzMASSIVE* DJ Showcase
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
April 10th, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* presents: beatzNORWAY*
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
February 23rd, 2003

beatzMASSIVE* presents: beatzUSA*
Holy Joes, Toronto 651 Queen Street West, Toronto
An exploration of soul and dub-R&B fusions mixed with good old American rock
"Smells Like Victory" debuted
October 23rd, 2002


There are no upcoming gigs currently booked.

Historical Documents

el capitain scootz // Ministry of Plenty
President for Life
King Neptune // Lieutenant General
Assorted Ambient Textures, Drones and Flava
General of the Army (Wartime only)
Joe Arnup // Ministry of Truth
Rhythmic Bbackbone & Studio Engineer
Papadoc // Ministry of Foreign Affiairs
Visuals, Cinematic Inspirations, Megaphone

Marlon VanZyl // Ministry of Peace
Didgeridoo, Percussion, Entrepreneurial Vision and Spiritual Leadership
Jay Shore // Ministry of The Party
Percussion and Insanity
Cameron deLaat // Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Traci Bulger // Ministry of Love
Sultry and Soulful Vocals
Jimi de Maze // Ministry of Ill Communications
Michael "Dr. Jelly & The Lavender Cats" B. // First Lieutenant
Jazz and Fusion Woodwind
Martin Bradley-Brooks // Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Stuart MacMillan // Ministry of Propaganda
Emily Varty // Ministry of the Digital Environment
Glen Findlay // Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Nick Porter // Major General
The Feeling United/Toby Wan
Tanya B. // Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Sheldon Benjamin // Ministry of Finance
Push Management
John Rowley // Brigadier General
Singer/Songwriter on Apocalypse Guitar
Veronica Syrtash // Ministry of Justice

Mike Lynett //Department of Education Science and Technology
Video Editor
Angela Shintani // Private First Class
Choir-like Alto Voicing
Tour Manager// Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports
Public Relations
Dancers // Ministry of Internal Affairs

Blake Howard
Doc Pickles
High Water Mark
Jason Kenemy
Jimmy Dowling
Leona Sweet
Nihilist Spasm Band
Redchair Project,
Rosita Stone
Run with the Kittens
Ryan Chalmers
Scientific American
Toby Wan
Wack MC's