Tuesday, March 8, 2016


1.    Guiding Principle:
a.     Each to their ability; each to their need.

2.    Each member is responsible for their own equipment needed for performances and Rehearsals.

3.    We will establish and maintain regular rehearsals

4.    We shall know the key of every song that we play.

5.    We shall run beatzMASSIvE* as a social enterprise business. To this End, we will:

·      Manage a multitask team project in an electronic environment.

·      Evaluate effective growth strategies.

·      Analyze the ways in which beatzMASSIVE can explore business opportunities in domestic and international markets.

·      Use cultural differences to affect international business practices and success.

·      Use technology, including information and communication technology for international business.

·      Study and Understand and the effects and challenges of marketing internationally, and use this information to grow.

·      Interpret the effects of new information technologies on our marketing strategies.