Wednesday, March 27, 2013

deejayscootz Sexy Electronic Downbeat Chill Dance Experience

May Contain Portions of the Following Tracks:

Something About Us - Daft Punk [Discovery] 
No Treat - SUPER CAT 
Dana Byrd - YOUR LOVE 
Victor - GO ON DO IT 
Dzihan & Kamien - I GUESS SHE 
Jaffa - SNEAKIN' 
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. Extended
Scottie B-Mo Club Medley: DANCE MIX 
Mr Decay - Gui Boratto [Chromophobia] 
LUOMO -Tessio (Moonbootica remix) 
THE ROOTS - Adrenaline 
One and Only - Drum & Bass - LTJ Bukem [Logical Progression] 
Joy Division - Transmission 
Shawn Escoffery - DAYS LIKE THIS (DJ Spinna mix.) 
Swayzak vs. Theorem - Break In At Apartment 205 
Smith & Mighty - Accept All Contrasts
Blaze Love Lee Dae
Babe Ruth - Black Dog 
ETBTG - Wrong 
Movin' - Mr. Scruff 
Julie McKnight - Finally

deejayscootz: The Early Naughties

Recorded 2001 - 2011 
Compiled & Mixed October 2011.  
Created Conceived and executed by N. Livingston 2011